Our Support Programme

Breaking Ground has been set up to provide advice and support to community led housing projects across the North West. We are here to help guide you through the five typical stages of such a project, as defined by the Community Led Homes partnership.

1. Group Stage

This is where the group is initially formed. The people to be involved in the group are recruited from the local community and clear goals are set out and agreed upon. This is the stage where a legal form is chosen by the group and a formal business plan is developed.

2. Site Stage

This is where the group investigates possible sites for the project, determining potential problems that might lie in their way. This is also that point at which the group should consider the likely costs involved in the project, and develop a plan to raise the funds required.

3. Plan Stage

The third stage is where the preparation work starts to come together. It requires the group to drawn up detailed information regarding the new homes and any additional facilities that the project will provide to its residents. This is also the stage where formal planning applications should be drawn up and produced.

4. Build Stage

Whether building new homes from scratch or refurbishing existing properties, the build stage is where the dream becomes a reality. The group needs to decide who is going to do the building work itself. Will it be the group, a building contractor, or a developer partner. The choice needs to be made at this stage.

5. Live stage

The live stage is when the group moves into the new homes, or supports other members of the community in doing so. Plans must also be brought up for the effective management and maintenance of the project once the homes have been occupied.

How Breaking Ground can help you

Whatever stage in the process you find yourself, the Breaking Ground team has the relevant expertise to help you make it a success. These are just some of the things we can offer……

  • personal support and mentoring throughout the project
  • advice and signposting on a range of related topics. These include community engagement, legal structures, finding land, finance, building development, and property management services
  • links with technical advisers and peer to peer resources
  • connection to key stakeholders who can help you advance your project. These include landowners, funders, lenders, councils, housing associations, property management agents, and more
  • advice on developing and maintaining successful partnerships.
  • training workshops on key subjects relating to the project
  • Why work with us?

    There are many reasons to choose Breaking Ground when looking to support your Community Led Housing project. These are some of the most common ones, based on extensive feedback……

  • we offer practical advice and support at a local and personal level, based on our history of delivering real community led housing projects
  • our advisors have undertaken accredited training in all aspects of community led housing. We know that housing development can be successfully led by local groups, but having access to professional advice and guidance smooths the process, helping to avoid costly mistakes and delays.
  • we are entirely independent, being no part of any local authorities or housing associations. This lets us listen to your group and work freely to find the best solution for you.
  • while not part of any local authorities or housing associations, we do have good working relationships with both. We can signpost you to the right departments and personnel, as well as to other professionals such as architects and consultants.
  • Get in touch

    Breaking Ground is committed to assisting Community Led Housing Projects across the North West. For more information or to arrange a meeting, contact us today on 0151 933 1311.

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