About Us

North West has a rich history of Community Led Housing projects, with the first such projects developed more than fifty years ago. Whilst individual projects have continued to flourish in the time since they were established, it is important to build a strategic campaign that places community-led responses to housing within the region’s overall housing and neighbourhood strategies.

This is where Breaking Ground comes in.

Our members

In 2019, a steering group of local stakeholders and Community Led Housing projects came together in response to this dichotomy, forming Breaking Ground. We were established through funding secured from Power 2 Change and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. This was through our involvement with the Community Led Homes partnership.

Many groups and organisations have had a part in putting Breaking Ground together for the benefit of the North West. These include the following…

Our Key Objective

Breaking Ground has committed to an agreed 5-year Business Plan, which aims to deliver on the following five key objectives…

  • provide practical advice and support to potential, emerging, and existing Community Led Housing projects across the North West
  • promote high environmental sustainability within Community Led Housing projects
  • raise awareness and promote Community Led Housing across the North West
  • raise awareness of Breaking Ground and its role supporting the Community Led Housing movement
  • develop Breaking Ground into a sustainable organisation
  • Get in touch

    Breaking Ground is committed to assisting Community Led Housing Projects across the North West. For more information or to arrange a meeting, contact us today on 0151 933 1311.

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